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Sibling Relations

Sibling Relationships are hard.




A lot of parents struggle with what to do when their children have issues with their siblings.   


Recently a Mom called parenting coach, Pam Worth in utter frustration.  Her 2 year old became a “ monster child” every time she was nursing their new baby.  She would poke at her and the new baby, constantly throwing tantrums to get her attention and made the nursing experience very unpleasant.  She tried reading doing puzzles but felt stressed trying to handle it all.  It seemed her sweet toddler overnight changed.  

Pam was able to guide her on helping her son manage all of his new and sometimes angry feeling about her attention being divided during an individual coaching session.  They came up with some fun ideas specific to her son to do during nursing times, so he would not be as resentful.  

When Pam touched base two weeks later, this Mom was able to see a vast improvement in the situation.


Have a similar issue or something totally different?  We can help you, too!  Check out our upcoming Group Call-in Classesand Private Coaching Packages, or tackle this and any other issues with Individual Coaching Sessions.  Both options can help develop custom solutions for your unique parenting issues! 

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