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Sexual Health

talking about sex can be challenging.




A lot of parents struggle with how to talk to their kids about sex.

EXAMPLE: the inevitable 'sex talk'

Recently a parent expressed concern about talking to their middle school child about sex. She had heard from other parents that some students were experimenting with sex, sex, sexting and other sexual behavior  and was fearful her child might think that was "okay". She was not sure how to approach her child.

Kim recognized that then parent was unclear about what was appropriate to discuss at this age level. She was also fearful that if they talked about sex, her child might think it was "okay" to begin experimenting sexually. With a private coaching session, they discussed and rehearsed various conversations until the parent felt confident in her approach.

When Kim touched based a week later, the parent stated their first conversation went well and she felt comfortable continuing the dialogue with her child.

Have you experienced issues like this?

Have a similar issue or something totally different?  We can help you, too!  Check out our upcoming Group Call-in Classes and Private Coaching Packages, or tackle this and any other issues with Individual Coaching Sessions.  Both options can help develop custom solutions for your unique parenting issues! 

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