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Life/Work Balance





A lot of parents struggle with finding balance with their home, work and social lives.


Recently a mother called feeling completely overwhelmed, with little time for herself.  The kids were home for the summer and the new routine had her completely thrown off, with late nights, more daytime activities and plans. She tried waking up earlier in the morning for yoga or a walk but was exhausted by 3:00PM.

Pam recognized that the transition to summer was calling for restructure.  With one coaching session, they worked on creating a plan to find some small chunks of time within the week where she could get some exercise and "me time".  This mom was able to get help from a few different people, including her mom who would have a special morning each week with her kids.  Together, they came up with 7 new chunks of time that she could count on most weeks to give her some much needed breaks.

After one week, she felt so much more relaxed because she was getting some of her own needs met while finding time to enjoy more family time.


Have a similar issue or something totally different?  We can help you, too!  Check out our upcoming Group Call-in Classesand Private Coaching Packages, or tackle this and any other issues with Individual Coaching Sessions.  Both options can help develop custom solutions for your unique parenting issues! 

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