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Mindful parenting

Let us guide you on your parenting journey - from cradle to college - through expert advise and coaching. We can provide you and your family with “roots to grow, and wings to fly”.

Allow us to share our expertise and experience in parenting to make your unique parenting journey not just less stressful, but truly enjoyable. 

thrive as a family

Through time management, meal planning, work, family, and adjusting to the hectic challenges of life, our passion is helping families fulfill each persons needs in the way that works best for them -- instructions included.

The Challenges of Parenting

What are you supposed to say when your two year old son asks, very politely, if he can throw his newborn sister down the stairs?  Or when your three year old daughter eats the dog food, with the dog, in a brave act of camaraderie?

What will you do when you see the devastation your child feels when they don't make the sports team? Or the first time your 17 year old comes home and you think they might have been drinking something other than water?


We've been there.  In fact, all of the examples above happened to our founder, Pam Worth.  

Parenting is the greatest, most beautiful experiment in the world.  It’s also pretty challenging.  As parents - we need advice and support.