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Conflicts + Boundries

children love to test limits.




A lot of parents struggle with what to do when their children don't listen or display destructive behavior.

EXAMPLE: destructive behavior

Recently a parent was experiencing some destructive behavior from her two boys.  The last straw was when the kids took a hammer and banged holes into their bedroom wall.  She was at a complete loss and literally screamed at them and sent them to their room for the rest of the afternoon.  She unsuccessfully tried to talk to them, and punished them with no video games for the week.

Pam recognized that the kids wanted to learn how to use the tools.  It turned out that they saw their dad building a bird feeder just that weekend.  With two private coaching sessions and our three week class on Limit Setting with Logic, they worked on creating a plan that taught her and her husband the idea of logical and natural consequences in lieu of punishment.  They now understood that the boys wanted to be like dad and they needed real opportunities to use the tools.  Mom and Dad spent Saturday with them showing them how to re-drywall what they damaged.  They had a lemonade stand during the day and the money was going to buy the material. Then, together as a family, they decided on a weekend project of building some vegetable boxes to grow a garden.  

By the weekend, the parents saw improvement because the kids were being given opportunities to learn and use the materials they were so intrigued by in a positive way.  They knew other things were going to come up with two rambunctious kids, however they continued to work with their coach to develop a new thought process and thinking ahead of logical consequences for negative behavior.

Have you experienced issues like this?

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