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Healthy Eating + Meal Planning

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Healthy Eating + Meal Planning


Healthy Eating + Meal Planning


In three separate phone sessions, we address attaining nutritious meals and lovely family time.

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"We have not sat down for a family meal in weeks. I never wanted to run around like this and it has happened.  We have no family time anymore and my kids are only 5 and 8.  What can I do to bring some meal times back into our crazy lives?”

"We are grabbing quick meals on the go as I rush from work to home.  How can I figure out how to plan this out better?”

"When we finally sit down to the coveted meal together, one of my twins begins to cry, while the other starts to throw a fit because they don't want the food.  I end up rushing toward the fridge to grab cheese and yogurt I know they will eat and the meal is never touched.”

"I simply don't have the time or energy to worry about this.” 

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?  Do you have other stories around the desire to have nutritious meals and lovely family time and somehow it just seems like a fantasy?  In just three sessions, you can be on you way to living the fantasy.

Session 1:  Consultation on areas of concern and areas to change

Session 2:  Working together to devise a plan that can truly work day by day, week by week and month by month. This can include but is not limited to weekly meal planning, working on establishing guidelines at the table so everyone enjoys the same prepared meal and time management for meal preparation. 

Session 3: Follow up and tweaks to plans as necessary