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What Kids Need to Know About Sex

Call-in Classes

What Kids Need to Know About Sex


What Kids Need to Know About Sex


Three week call-in class:

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Kim Cook a dynamic health educator and RN will  guide parents to comfortably and effectively engage in conversation with your preschool, school age or middle and high school child about sexuality health in this three week call-in class.

Join us as we engage in reflective and dynamic dialogue about sexuality health. Sexuality health begins….from birth! Granted, our babies are not adolescents until middle school, but opening communication from the start is crucial to healthy conversation when our children are faced with puberty and beyond.

Using medically-accurate information, we will explore basic topics such as anatomy, reproduction, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and birth control. More complex concerns, such as relationships, identity, and safety will be discussed using a values-based perspective. 

Session One:  Sexuality.  Health Education: Perceptions and Misperceptions.  We will define sexuality health education and how our perceptions of sex ed may influence conversations with young people. We will explore the impact our past experiences may have on our discussions.

Sessions Two and Three:  Breaking It Down.  Often we wait until our children are “older” to talk to them about sex. Yet, there is no time like the present! We break down topics of discussion according to age categories in the following categories:

Ages 2-5: Anatomy: Labeling body parts.  Identity: Gender labeling.  Reproduction: Where do babies come from Relationships: Healthy and unhealthy relationships, people in their lives.  Personal Safety: Touch, safe adults.  

Kindergarten to Second Grade:  Anatomy and physiology: Labeling body parts.  Identity: Influences and exceptions relating to gender behavior.  Pregnancy and reproduction: everything reproduces. Where do babies come from?  Relationships: What is a friend?  Personal Safety: Bullying, touching, trusted adults.  

Third to Fifth Grade:  Anatomy and Physiology: Reproductive system labeling and function.  Puberty: Changes, influences, managing changes, trusted adults.  Identity:  Orientation, being respectful of others.

Kim Cook, Health Educator and RN, is available for individual coaching session on any topics related to sexual health.