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Enhancing Sibling Relations

Call-in Classes

Enhancing Sibling Relations


Enhancing Sibling Relations


Three week call-in class:

  • 8/3/15, 12-1pm or 8-9pm
  • 8/10/15, 12-1pm or 8-9pm
  • 8/17/15, 12-1pm or 8-9pm


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7/6/15 Session:  The power of the sibling relationship.  In this seminar we will offer practical examples an ideas how to empathetically talk to your kids when they experience hurtful feelings towards one another. We will explore where the rivalry originates and how our reaction impacts rivalry. Guiding families through the process will alter family dynamics in a positive manner.

7/13/15 Session:  Unique not equal.  In this incredibly powerful session we will share specific ways to treat each child uniquely not equally.  We will discover why this framework is so important to foster sibling relationships.

7/120/15 Session:  Fine Tuning.  Working on fine our skills.  In this session we will deepen our understanding of the skills.

We welcome questions and will begin each session with a review of your concerns, progress, and successes gained using the tools provided.