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Balancing Technology





A lot of parents struggle with enforcing limits on their family's use of phones, tablets and television.


Recently a parent was experiencing her young kids asking more and more for screen time.  The kids were whining, begging and crying for the TV.  She tried to limit the time and have screen-free days, but nothing was working.

Pam recognized that, understandably, she had begun to use the screen more as a babysitter and break for her. Unfortunately the 10 minute shower where she plugged the kids in became an hour of TV and then the prep for lunch became another 30 minutes and it continued all day.

With the Revamp your Family's Media Culture package, they worked on creating a plan to use the screen to help her, giving her permission to use it occasionally as a babysitter, but not having it take over their life. They walked through her complete daily and weekend routines and with the help of her coach, created games, charts, systems and new solutions.

Within the first few days of the month long process, this family saw improvement because the kids had clear understanding of their media usage.  More playing was now occurring where they could really use their imagination and creativity.


Have a similar issue or something totally different?  We can help you, too!  Check out our upcoming Group Call-in Classes and Private Coaching Packages, or tackle this and any other issues with Individual Coaching Sessions.  Both options can help develop custom solutions for your unique parenting issues! 

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